About Amenities Magazine

AMENITIES; the magazine for everyone with a passion for designing and delivering the best onboard passenger amenity kits and sleeper suits. We promise to show you the world of onboard amenities through the eyes of the passengers, designers and industry experts. AMENITIES Magazine stays true to exploring the ethos of traveller indulgence through design.

In each issue, the AMENITIES Team explore what makes a great airline offering, whilst delving deeper into what the passengers really want, and where the future of the amenity marketplace is going.

AMENITIES are proud to be the media partner of the annual TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards, held in Hamburg alongside the World Travel and Catering Expo.

Meet the team

Debra – Editor-in-Chief

Debra has a design background, which has led to her travelling the world quite a bit. This, in fact, was where the idea of AMENITIES was born. In a conversation at 38,000 feet about onboard offerings, they realised that there was a gap in the market, and products that needed to be explored and discussed!

Favourite onboard tipple – champagne if a holiday, water if business, or maybe a sneaky g&t…

Lily-Fleur – Features Editor

Lily is always inspired and amazed to see how amenities offered onboard can inform and enhance the passenger experience. It is this that informs a lot of her writing for AMENITIES. This, alongside a love to challenge the status quo, means she is excited to see how the world of onboard amenities and the airline industry continues to adapt their offerings with the ever-changing passenger wants and needs.

What is the one thing you can’t/won’t travel without?

A notebook. I always have a pen and paper to hand wherever I go. You never know what’ll inspire you. (Also my contact lenses – I’m as blind as a bat otherwise)

Hayley – Features Editor

Hayley has been a part of the AMENITIES Team since the very first issue. She loves exploring the WTCE finding new ideas for the magazine, whilst also looking into the future of airline travel, and what passengers are really looking for. Like Lily, she is keen to challenge the status quo, inspiring conversation with passengers, airlines, and suppliers alike.

Favourite destination – New York City

Louie – Dogsbody-in-Chief