OJets is a luxury airline located in Singapore that provides Business Class travel for the world’s most discerning private jet passengers. In partnership with Aeolus Ltd, and skincare brand Lu Ming Tang, they have created a new range of beautiful amenities perfect for luxurious brand.

The kits are available for both men and women and contain beautiful cosmetics designed to hydrate the skin, whilst providing a fresh fragrance. These products include Rose Bliss for lips, face mist, hand cream and face mask, some of which are housed within elegant glass packaging.

Lu Ming Tang – means “Lumiere”, Light in French, the dream of luminous beauty by tea. Headquartered in Shanghai, Lu Ming Tang is a French skincare line born and nurtured in China, the fusion of French finesse and pioneering science with millenary Chinese tea wisdom.

The partnership between OJets and Lu Ming Tang seemed to fit perfectly, as each are committed to providing their clients with luxurious elegance, with a hint of uniqueness. OJets hold a niche position in the airline market, and it was felt that the French-Chinese fusion of Lu Ming Tang would compliment this perfectly.

AEOLUS VP Asia, Alex CHU said: “Our challenge was to find a brand fitting with OJets’ uniqueness in the aviation business. There was no doubt to propose Lu Ming Tang to strengthen the fusion between Eastern and Western cultures. The perfect combination of these two brands – OJets and Lu Ming Tang – is a pride for our team, and will commensurately increase the passenger experience.”