Air Astana and Kaelis Continue to Take Kids Travel Experience to the Next Level

Best Actor for children aged between 3-6
Best Actor for children aged between 3-6

Kaelis and Air Astana, the award-winning flag carrier of Kazakhstan, have partnered once again to launch its new collection of kids’ kits to inspire and entertain them while they fly on its routes. This new collection comes with diverse products to entertain children with board games, activity books, colouring pencils, key chains and other items that accompany the concept of each of these kits.

Each kit comes in a beautiful bag based on six different professions.  For now, Air Astana is offering four of these sets. They are divided into two groups:

Junior for kids aged between 3-6: Magnificent Magician and Best Actor.


Magnificent Magician
Magnificent Magician for children aged between 3-6

Magnificent Magician: Abrakadabra alakazam! Poof! This kit will bring magic into the flight and comes in a red fanny pack filled with everything a Magician needs like: a magic cape filled with stars, magic stuffed rabbit and where would the magic come from if not from the magic stick. This kit also contains a cool two-pointed pen, a magic board, a funny roll paper game, colouring pencils, white magician gloves, and an amazing invisible ink pen that reappears with  UV light on the top.

Best Actor for children aged between 3-6

Best Actor for children aged between 3-6

Best Actor: This kit gives the amazing opportunity of introducing to the little ones the glamorous Hollywood world so Camera, Roll, Action! This kit contains a Hollywood worthy Bag, colouring pencil set, a great masquerade set, a fantastic passport holder for the star of the house, a director’s chalkboard clapper, an amusing “paint my mood” game and an amazing 3D puzzle.

Senior for kids aged between 7-11: Superb Scientist and Smart Skater.


Superb Scientist
Superb Scientist for for kids aged between 7-11

Superb Scientist: What could go wrong in an experiment? This kit comes with everything our kids may need in a laboratory in a hazardous pack only to be used by the experts. This kit contains a hazardous looking bag, colouring pencil set, a funny activity book, scientist’s safety goggles, a beautiful green bottle, an identification card to enter the experiment room and of course a terrific Scientist kit with tubes of different colours.

Air Astana skater
Smart Skater for kids aged between 7-11

Smart Skater: Ready to do a flip and a 360? Ok! This one is for you. This amazing kit comes in a cool backpack filled with items to learn the best tricks with your skate. This kit contains a cool looking single-strap backpack, colouring pencil set, an activity book, grey fingerless gloves, a bottle to hydrate while skating, a turquoise multi-purpose scarf, colouring postcard,  super skater’s tattoos, a skate miniature to play with their fingers and a grey keychain.

All these kits and products were designed especially for Air Astana by Kaelis and have been made to celebrate the imagination and creativity of children.

Kaelis can’t wait to release the two other professions that will start flying shortly in Air Astana flights. Stay tuned!