Air Astana Develop a Signature Scent with Galileo Watermark

Galileo Watermark worked with Air Astana to develop a signature scent i

There are multiple touchpoints where customers have the opportunity to interact with fragrance based products throughout their journey, Air Astana therefore wanted to create a seamless and cohesive scent profile to tie all these moments together. As sense of smell is closely linked to memory and is a huge emotional trigger, creating a unique fragrance can generate lasting memories and positive associations with the airline.

Galileo Watermark worked with Air Astana to develop a signature scent i
The Altai fragrance forms the basis of the hand wash, hand soap and face mist provided by Galileo Watermark and found in washrooms onboard now.

Galileo Watermark worked with Air Astana to develop a signature scent inspired by the beautiful and unique scenery of the vast Altai mountain region. The scent captures the spirit of the great wilderness and distils it into fragrance form. With musky base notes and hints of cedarwood, an aromatic heart of rose and rosemary and top notes of birch and bergamot, the elements are anchored in the Altai. The calming scent immediately transports you to the remote mountain tops and instils a sense of confidence and tranquillity. To encapsulate so many emotions in one bottle is a challenge, however we feel the outcome is reflective of Air Astana’s values and the stunning scenery it represents. The signature scent enables Air Astana to welcome its customers and help them feel relaxed from the moment their journey begins, generating familiarity and comfort authentically.

Whilst fragrance may seem like a very small part of the customer experience, many meaningful connections are based on olfactory memory and the emotions generated by the sense of smell.  By subtly unifying all the relevant moments with a signature scent it can provide comfort and positively impact the customer journey. Walking through duty free can sometimes be overwhelming with the plethora of fragrances on offer, so it was important to Air Astana not to have that continued competition amongst fragrances onboard. With Altai, Air Astana wants customers to immediately understand their journey has started so that they can sit back and relax. Many luxury retailers and boutique hotels already employ this tactic to create unique guest experiences and we believe that it will be well received in this exclusive environment also.