Airbus “Airspace Cabin Vision 2030” wins Crystal Cabin Award


With a broad spectrum of innovation and engagement with current challenges, the winners of the 14th Crystal Cabin Awards make it clear that the aviation industry is not standing still despite the current crisis. For the first time, the presentation of the coveted white trophies took place digitally across the world’s many timezones. The finalists of the eight categories learned of their victories on TV and were then brought into the studio directly by livestream.


The Bar – Airbus Cabin Vision 2030

A foretaste of flight in the world of tomorrow is provided by the winner in the “Visionary Concepts” category. Airbus presented its Airspace Cabin Vision 2030, an extension of the “Airspace” concept, digitally tailoring the cabin to passenger needs and expanding the on-board experience with flexible seating and lounge configurations, for example a gaming or family compartment.


The Bunk – Airbus Cabin Vision 2030

Inspired by airlines, technology companies from Silicon Valley and start-ups, Airbus has brought to life a future flying experience – the Airspace Cabin Vision 2030.


The onboard Gym – Airbus Cabin Vision 2030

Cabin layouts will boast more flexible seating and sleeping configurations as well as in-flight lounges with transforming modules. Passengers will have more choice and the flexibility to select a personalized flight experience based on their individual needs, whether they are travelling for business or leisure, alone or with family.


Airbus Cabin Vision 2030 – Window

Crews will work in a digitally enabled environment, allowing for more efficient operations and more time spent with the passenger. Unique cabin ambiences will be created by surface lighting, OLED screens, artificial outside views as well as individual ambience settings for the in-seat space. Everything will be seamlessly connected as it would be on the ground, bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to the cabin and enabling big data services. The Airspace Cabin Vision 2030 is the next step in your personal travel experience.