Albea Travel Designer launches amenities across the board on Air France 


Air France has launched a number of brand new inflight amenities. As Albea’s VP Travel Designer Corinne Brand says, ‘Airline amenity kits contribute to the wellbeing of longhaul passengers. They promote the brand image of both airline and the associated beauty brands. At 11 kilometres up, the traveller experience should mean pleasure, comfort, wellbeing, excellence and authenticity – every detail matters!’ Air France has grabbed this ethos and created a new range of beautiful onboard offerings to ensure their passengers, of all ages, can relax in style. 

Starting with the smallest of the airlines passengers, Air France has created a new ‘feeding bottle bag’ kit for infants aged up to 23 months flying in their La Premiere, Business and Premium Economy cabins. This beautiful, attractive kit contains all the necessities when travelling with a small child, including feeding spoon, bib, comforter, diaper and 2 Mustela baby cosmetics.  

Now for the bigger passengers! For those travelling in Air France’s Premium Economy Cabin they have created a sachet shaped kit that is available in attractive shades of blue and green. Passengers will be offered a range of materials onboard their different long haul flights. The kits will contain the travel essentials, including toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, sleep mask and ear plugs. 

Working up the cabin classes, they also have a return of kits first seen in 2017 for those in their Business Class cabins. These kits are back by popular demand, however feature 4 new colours in the collection – Ocean blue, peacock blue, camel and mineral grey – a modern colour palette for the modern traveller. These kits contain the travel essentials, alongside Clarins cosmetics, including hand cream and cooling gel cream. 

Finally this Winter sees the introduction of a new set of kits for those travelling in Air France’s La Premier cabin. Designed as a gift box, the kit contains cosmetics from luxury brand Carita, comes in 2 colours – Camel and Navy Blue. The Box is created out of leather look material, and features the cabin class’s iconic seahorse design. 

Albea Travel Designer and Air France have been working together for 14 years, and these kits are a continuation in their creation of kits that are beautiful, stylish and functional.