Albéa Travel Designer with Cotarde create eco-friendly amenity kit


With green-washing at the forefront of consumerist market trends, Albea Travel Designer have collaborated with award-winning travel skincare brand, Cotarde, to lead the way in bringing innovative eco-conscious solutions to the world of onboard amenities.

The growing importance of a company’s CSR values, has been a big influencer in airline’s amenity kit offerings with the decision makers aiming to provide their guests with quality, well-being and, now most importantly, ethically sourced and sustainable products.

Cotarde and Albea have created an offering that meets these specific industry demands with a symbiotic pairing that gifts passengers withperformance-driven skin care on-board whilst meeting the needs of those with an environment-conscious mindset.

“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership as part of our efforts to elevate the travel experience worldwide. We are the first skincare brand entirely dedicated to travellers, and as such we want to deliver the most eco-friendly, biodegradable products with negative carbon footprint.” said Danuta Dudek-Pellon, PhD, MSc, Cotarde co-founder. “It’s particularly important today when we all feel the impact of long-haul travels on our planet. We want all travelers to know there is a better, healthier alternative to what they usually take with them and find onboard.’

Cotarde is introducing a new size range of its flagship travel skincare suitable for amenity-kits – DayDream Mousse Cream and Face with a View Concentrated Cream (both in 5 to 15ml biodegradabke tubes), as well as two new travel skincare formulas complementing the performance of the face creams – Pick Me Up Skin Balm and Hands-On Cream. The new exclusive skincare additions to its travel-friendly line.