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Winter 2020

It’s easy to reflect on what might have been, I’m sure that 2020 will be remembered as an annus horribilis for the global aviation industry! The pandemic has caused major job losses across our industry as airline’s were   grounded and suppliers received cancelled orders.  Both airlines and suppliers have had to...

Spring 2020

  How the world has changed in such a short amount of time. just one month ago we were all preparing with anticipation to attend WTCE in Hamburg and celebrate a decade of the TravelPlus Amenity Awards. Although we weren't able to come together this year, within this issue we...

Autumn 2019

In the current technological climate, our connectivity is key, whether that be at home, at a coffee shop or 30,000 feet above the ground. In this issue, we worked with the BBC Slipstream report to look at the demand for inflight connectivity and how an airline’s poor or lack of onboard Wi-Fi can drastically impact their reputation and consequently their sales..

Summer 2019

We celebrate 500 years since the forefather of flight, Leonardo Da Vinci, conceptualised flying machines and invented the Ornithopter. We discuss the rise and consequences of Premium Economy, the threat of Greenwashing and how suppliers are increasingly looking to expand their product portfolios

Spring 2019

With CSR taking the lead in airline priorities, we talk sustainability and wellbeing and ask the leading industry experts what is, ‘hashtag’, on-trend this year at WTCE Hamburg. We introduce innovative aerospace technology brand Octaspring to the airline industry and learn about how their products could not only change the concept of comfort onboard but also contribute to an airlines carbon offsetting.

Autumn 2018

Putting Tomorrow Today, we look to the Future and question whether there is room for tech advancement in the design of onboard amenities, especially when airline demands are high for that all important budget to stay low. We explore the possibility of the First Class kit becoming extinct in the not so distant future as we see the decline of First Class cabins.

Summer 2018

By 2050 there will be 12 billion kilos of plastic littered in landfill and so, we ask the airlines what they can be doing for their contribution to carbon offsetting when it comes to their amenity kits? With ‘Going Green’ the driving theme, we also celebrate the plastic pioneers already making commendable eco-friendly alternatives and talk to three innovative Italian cosmetic brands in creating sustainable beauty.

Spring 2018

We celebrate women in aviation, championing the future women of our industry including Vice President of Guest Experience at Etihad, Linda Celestino who discusses the need to create meaningful experiences. The issue also highlights the lack of gender diversity across airline executives and questions how this can influence both the airlines’ tender process and final decision.

Autumn 2017

Shinning the light on the growing ‘Battle Of The Brands’ where branding dictates value. We look at the rise in exclusive brand partnerships and onboard firsts, misaligned brand partnerships, the power of a brand’s story and how this battle is impacting suppliers.

Summer 2017

We collaborate with DR Russell Foster for our ‘Sleepless in the Skies’ issue, to discuss the biology of jetlag and onboard sleep, and how airlines can be educating their passengers on its dangers whilst providing sleep solutions through their onboard amenity offerings.

Spring 2017

Indulges in design, featuring two top-notch designers recently taking to the skies in brand new, exclusive partnerships; Marin Hopper, Founder and CEO of American haute couture house, Hayward and Hopper onboard JetBlue, and Timothy Jacob Jensen Chief Design Officer at Jacob Jensen, now onboard Lufthansa.

Autumn 2016

With Kids becoming jet setters in their own right, we look to the future of children’s amenity kits, including the impact of advancing technology and how own branding and licensed branding can engage passenger loyalty from future generations.