American Airlines Offer UK Passengers Discounted Rapid Covid Tests


American Airlines is committed to customer safety, through innovative partnerships with leading healthcare providers to offer affordable and reliable COVID-19 testing solutions.

Effective April 7, the airline will collaborate with Qured to provide customers eligible to travel from the U.K. to the U.S. with a rapid test kit at a discounted rate. Qured is a U.K. Government- approved provider of global antigen tests.

“Our partnership with Qured will help to provide peace of mind as our customers travelling from the U.K. prepare for the air,” said Julie Rath, American’s Vice President of Customer Experience and Reservations. “For customers eligible to travel, and those planning future trips, we want to offer affordable and accurate COVID testing solutions, to ensure safe travel for all.”

The tests can be ordered to any U.K. address and are designed for travel departing from and returning to the U.K. from the U.S. The portable test kit removes the uncertainty and additional expense incurred when sourcing a predeparture test while away from home.

The simple test is remotely administered by a professional health advisor over a scheduled video call. The health advisor will guide the customer through taking a nose and throat swab and processing the sample. Results will be ready within 20 minutes of swabbing, and electronic verified results will be shared with the patient 1 hour after their remote consultation. The customer can download a ‘fit to fly’ certificate if the test is negative.

“We are delighted to be working with American Airlines to take the hassle out of testing and to support the safe return of travel to and from the USA,” said Alex Templeton, Qured’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our travel testing services deliver new levels of convenience and accessibility and, as a trusted healthcare provider, we look forward to delivering an exceptional patient experience to their customers.”

American’s Atlantic joint business and oneworld® partner British Airways recently introduced the test kits for their travelers.