Audi Industrial Design creating products promoting better relaxation and deeper sleep.


Sleep. It’s the epicentre of our wellbeing and the foundation block of the human hierarchy of needs. When we’re not well rested, we feel sluggish, confused and more worryingly, it can also lead to more chronic health conditions like heart disease.

Long haul flying can often result in sleep deprivation, with the passenger shifting around trying to find that golden sleeping position that will let them get a few hours in before they land. But it doesn’t have to be as tricky anymore…

SPIRIANT, leading airline equipment provider have partnered with Audi Industrial Design (the design studio of the Audi Group), to create three collections of premium onboard service equipment, which are mostly geared towards comfort and that all-important good night’s sleep. The collections bring together future-oriented mobility and progressive design that gives travelers more time to do what they want to do: relax so they can arrive at their destination feeling rested and prepared for the day ahead.

The collections are split into three parts, two of which are aimed at our sleep-searching travelers. Smart Comfort, which includes a sleeping mask with slots for flat headphones, so you can get some shuteye while drifting off to your favorite relaxing music. Relax and Recharge includes a rechargeable thermal cape, to prevent neck and back pain – a bugbear that’s guaranteed to keep you awake .The last collection is Dine and Delight, which is aimed at making the onboard dining experience relaxing and comfortable.

This is the first of a kind collaboration in the industry and a first step for Audi, who had never ventured into a partnership with an airline to date. It’s a truly innovative concept, as no one has thought as far ahead into interlinking how the psyche of the passenger is going to affect the future of mobility. That’s why SPIRIANT and Audi have created 11 new products that ensure flying doesn’t mean sleep deprivation; travelers can focus on qualities that replenish them like relaxing, eating and sleeping.

The project has been a truly equal co-development, with both brands working closely to collaborate on product design, with SPIRIANT having a greater hand in the technical part. With very closely linked brand values, Audi and SPIRIANT seem to talk in the same design language, a treasure trove in a partnership. Audi’s motto is ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (Advancement through Technology) and SPIRIANT are also valued for being a leader in innovation for airline equipment. With minimalistic design and technological advancements, the output of the partnership is premium products with a high quality touch, which is synonymous with both brands.

SPIRIANT are well-versed in the brand collaboration arena, with their award-winning amenity kits seeing them partner with everyone from Moleskine to La Prairie, L’Occitane and Clarins, including their one of a kind collaboration with Jacob Jensen and Lufthansa. This individualistic approach to addressing both the airlines’ and customers’ needs is exemplary of SPIRIANT, who focus on creating products that are tailored towards the individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Business travelers need to be refreshed and without this opportunity, they risk not being on the ball for crucial business meetings”, said Grit Peschke, Product Manager Onboard Comfort. This mix of onboard comfort and luxury is putting the customer right at the heart of the in-flight experience. Excitingly, some products are ready to go airborne and can be manufactured now, which means they will be in-flight within a year.

The quality and quantity of sleep that you need doesn’t need to be hindered by a long-haul flight. It’s well-known that lack of sleep can have serious effects on your health, judgment, mood and memory; all of which are problems that can be avoided if airlines take their customer needs seriously and put sleep at the forefront of their values. By understanding that, SPIRIANT and Audi have brokered a forward-thinking and progressive relationship that is one step ahead in understanding the customer’s physical and mental needs, resulting in the customer feeling more cared for and special, so they are more emotionally-tied to their in-flight experience.