Bayart Innovations Collaborate with Corsair to deliver “The Safe Kit”


Bayart Innovations have collaborated with the French’s second largest scheduled Airline company, Corsair. The health and safety of its passengers, and their staff is essential due to the unprecedented outbreak. Leitmotif is focus on Safety first, Protection, Hygiene. 

Together, they have worked to provide the Best Personal Protective Equipment through certified safety products, kits. Corsair and Bayart are part of the same community, and we have decided to act, to fight this virus. As a family airline company, Corsair is attached to the values of family travel, so it is essential to protect the health of your loved ones during flights. 


The Safe Kit Corsair is composed of: 

  • 1 piece of disposable medical facemask ,packed under individual polybag certificated for EU standards, EN 14 683 :2019, + A :2019- TYPE IIR, Splash resistance = BFE 98>%
  • 1 bottle of 30ml hand sanitizer 65%alcohol. Large bottle with 30 ml, passengers could use it after the flight, long service life, packing easy to slipping into the bag to disinfect these hands daily 
  • 1 flyer notice in French & English in order to explain how to use to put the disposable medical mask
  • Packed under bag, heat sealed, prevention sentence design to raise awareness the customers. The bag is reusable due to its sealed size, easy to slipping into the bag.