Cabin crew confirm providing children with activity packs has a positive effect.


To deliver the right service it takes a perfect toolbox. New research from KIDZinflight provides insights to optimize brand experience and at the same time create better job satisfaction for cabin crew.

One main finding is that 69% of respondents believe that the job as a cabin crew member has generally become more demanding over the last few years. The majority of respondents seem to experience an increase of children traveling and there is a clear attitude among cabin crew that distribution of activity toys during flights has a positive effect on the child’s traveling companions (97%) and in addition they believe that it also has a positive effect on other passengers (86%) on board in general.

It becomes easy to provide a better brand experience. At the moment, some cabin crew do not have the possibility of handing out activity toys (30%) and further 28% of the respondents have never distributed toys to children on board the flight. But the vast majority (89%) of cabin crew would appreciate to hand out activity products for children, as long as it is easy to handle. Actually, the majority (64%) of the cabin crew experience that it makes their job easier when they hand out activity products to the children and their parents.

As part of a new product development program KIDZinflight had an independent research company to do a pilot. A couple of extra questions were added to the questionnaire mostly about cabin crew and their working conditions. The research was carried out in January 2017 among cabin crew from 21 different airlines and counts in total 100 respondents.

Every child onboard is a potential brand optimization for airlines. KIDZinflight is a specialist in entertainment of children and we develop innovative and inspiring programs to maximize the overall brand performance. Our key focus is what we can do for our customers and their passengers.

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Vietnam Airlines Children’s pack supplied by KIDZinflight