Time to Ditch the Razor!


Why do airlines insist on giving men a shaving kit in there premium kits. Lip Balms, Hand Cream, Eye Gel and yes please an Age Revitalization Moisturizers, but a Razor! You would need to be brave to use one of these razor on the ground even more desperate to shave your dehydrated face at 30,000 feet.

King of Shave founder Will King told Amenities “Regarding razors in first class amenity kits, these (the ones i’ve seen anyway) are typically twin blade disposable, not exactly premium.  You’ll get an ok shave, but more economy class than first class.


We have looked at this area for years, however, airline amenity kit procurement companies are typically tasked to source at an extremely low cost, and you’ll rarely if ever see a ‘high performance’ razor included in any major airline.“

The single most important aspect of a good, comfortable, shave is moisture: ensure your shave cream is enriched with humectants like glycerin, and are made with a gentle vegetable base so as not to dry out the skin.  Especially important if shaving in flight, as the recycled air pulls moisture away from the skin. Comments Nick Gilbert, Fragrance Ambassador for Penhaligon’

So next time you consider including as shaving kit please ensure quality