Eco-friendly & Safe: ADA Cosmetics introduces SHAPE



In these times of heightened environmental awareness and COVID concerns, the use of dispenser systems in washrooms and bathrooms is on the rise. Keeping pace with this trend, ADA Cosmetics now introduces its new SHAPE system: style, sustainability, and hygiene, all working hand-in-hand.


Sustainability is the watchword for airlines, hotels, and resorts as they consider how their purchases impact the environment. Another critical factor is hygienic safety, which has gained new importance with the spread of COVID-19. Sensitive areas such as washrooms and bathrooms in particular face much stricter requirements to protect passengers and guests against infection.

As the leading manufacturer in this field, ADA Cosmetics kept these needs in mind when developing its newest dispenser system for body, hair, and hand care: SHAPE – Sustainable. Hygienic. Aesthetic. Pump. Evolution. SHAPE meets the expectations of environmentally aware buyers, while also offering modern design, a high level of functionality, and optimal hygienic safety.

More environment – less cost

Reduced material usage and conservation of natural resources begin right in the manufacturing process itself. SHAPE is produced from 100% recyclable PET, an important contribution to lowering global levels of plastic waste. The system’s 300 ml cartridges replace approx. 20 to 25 ml mini-portions of hotel cosmetics. Because the cartridges can be completely emptied, there’s no leftover liquid to end up in the waste bin, as is often the case with mini bottles. Liquid and plastic waste is cut by approximately 85%. With cost savings of around 40%, SHAPE is as friendly to budgets as it is to the environment.


Safe and worry-free body care

SHAPE also steers clear of any compromises in safety. The sealed, tamper and theft proof system, with its extra secure pump cap, reliably keeps germs from penetrating the cartridge. Cosmetic products within the cartridge remain hygienically clean – to the last drop. The cartridge’s straight lines and smooth contours make it easy to clean and disinfect. A light press of the finger on the pump cap is enough to provide guests with exactly the portion of soap, shower gel, or body lotion needed. Precise, drip-free, and clean.

The name says it all

SHAPE’s design follows a puristically modern concept. Its slim cartridges appear light and clear, creating an impression of value and elegance that allows harmonious integration into any bathroom decor. Transparent strips on the side of each cartridge show how much liquid remains. An empty cartridge can be easily replaced in seconds.

A wide array of bespoke body care brands is available for SHAPE, in styles ranging from economy to luxury to mainstream to boutique, including bio-certified natural cosmetics – all using top-quality formulas based on high-grade plant raw materials. Brackets are available in different designs to complete a unique look. For clients who want fully individualized branding, ADA Cosmetics creates solutions that are as individual as they are, completely tailored to style and corporate identity. For more information, please visit: