EVA Air Overhaul their Amenity Offerings 


Taiwanese Airline EVA Air have exciting developments in both their amenity kit and sleepwear offerings onboard in partnership with FORMIA for the 2020 new Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel class kits and  one of the two Premium Economy kit. The new PJs continue to be supplied by Buzz and the new Kipling kit is supplied by Clip.  

They have partnered with a number of new global brands to offer their passengers in the Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel classes something luxurious whilst inflight. 

They have rolled out their new sleepwear earlier this year, and are planning to launch the second generation. In partnership with Taiwanese-Canadian designer Jason Wu, EVA Air have created sleepwear that suits different heights and body types, and comes in a variety of colours. This allows their passengers to travel long haul in comfort, whilst still wearing something that is flattering and suitably luxurious for their discerning passengers. 

For their amenity kits they have partnered with luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo for their new range of hard-case amenity kits, resembling a mini suitcase for their flights departing from Taipei. It has EVA Air have already rolled out soft kits for inbound flights, and is planning to launch a second generation which includes Taiwan’s aboriginal rhombus totems, alongside western cultural elements included in the design. The kits being offered will also come with exclusive Salvatore Ferragamo key chains for their passengers. 

Alongside Salvatore Ferrgamo, EVA Air have also partnered with luxury cosmetic brand Bianco Di Carrara, featuring their fragrance in body lotion, lip balm and hand cream.  

This marks a new era in EVA Air’s onboard offerings, as they have previously partnered with Rimowa for the last 5 generations of their kits. The airlines ‘Carmona Red’ Rimowa kit is now in limited supply and is only offered on specific routes. 

EVA Air is also releasing new Premium Economy kits on their long haul flights early in the new year. For their outbound kits they are partnering with recognised Belgian brand Kipling. These kits will also feature images from Taiwan as well as the brand’s recognisable monkey key hanger. This is an exciting partnership as it is the first time Kipling has partnered with an airline. Passengers on their inbound long haul flights will receive the second generation of the Owl Bag from Furla. 

“EVA is consistently dedicated to delivering the most comfortable and luxurious passenger services possible,” said Clay Sun, president of Eva Air. 

“We choose top global brands that complement our high standards and work in cooperation with them to create world-class amenities and service items as part of our never-ending mission to innovate and deliver increasingly better flying experiences for our passengers.” 

FORMIA’s Co-Founder, Roland Grohmann, said: “FORMIA continues to lead the travel and hospitality markets, by focussing on creating innovative, high quality products with distinctive bespoke designs. Our latest collaborations for EVA Air have enabled us to partner with exclusive, well-known brands to offer unique products which are sure to delight passengers.”