FORMIA Launches a Glamorous Collection with Emirates and Bvlgari


FORMIA is delighted to be part of the longstanding partnership between Emirates and Bvlgari and join forces to create the latest amenities concepts for passengers flying in Emirates’ premium classes.

Bvlgari’s reputation for Italian excellence and exquisite craftsmanship has defined a distinctive style made of vibrant colour combinations, finely balanced volumes and unmistakable motifs that pay homage to the brand’s Roman roots. Today it is considered an icon of contemporary design, which is why it aligns so effortlessly with the Emirates brand that conjures up the ideas of luxury and indulgence.

Emirates and Bvlgari First Class Collection


The collection presents eight kits for male and female passengers travelling First Class and Business Class. Each bag is embossed with the distinctive Bvlgari logo, has a Bvlgari branded inner lining and outer colour palettes that perfectly complement the exclusive Bvlgari fragrance found inside.

Each First Class kit contains a 30ml bottle from the highly acclaimed BVLGARI LE GEMME fragrance collection. Bvlgari’s High Perfumery Collection Le Gemme represents a stunning sensory journey from West to East in search of the rarest and most precious gems of nature. Traversing the mythical gems road, Bvlgari uncovers ingredients inspired by the iconic   gemstones that are such a quintessential element of the Maison’s artistry. Crafted to evoke a single jewel in all of its multifaceted brilliance, each fragrance is the ultimate expression of Bvlgari savoir-faire – and no less exquisite than the High Jewellery creations it conjures. Having such premium perfumes made available onboard an aircraft for the first time seamlessly reflects the prestige of the Emirates brand.

Emirates and Bvlgari First Class female gift


Bvlgari, Emirates and FORMIA invite the female First Class passengers into the enchanting heart of the most flamboyant of gemstones – the ruby – with BVLGARI LE GEMME fragrance ‘RUBINIA’, showcasing intensity and power in a burning elixir of red Sandalwood, paying tribute to the prestigious ornaments of Empress Theodora.

Emirates and Bvlgari First Class Gentleman’s kit


The male First Class passengers will discover BVLGARI LE GEMME fragrance ‘TYGAR’, named after the magnetic gemstone Tiger’s Eye, connecting man to the energy of the earth and the sun, giving him mental strength and intuition.

The female and male First Class bags are made from a stylish black faux leather and boast a striking red and tan trim respectively. Both bags come in two sleek designs, aligned with the intensity and magnificence of the fragrances they contain.

Emirates and Bvlgari First Class Ladies kit


Female Business Class bags have a luxurious gold faux leather finish and shine a spotlight on the fragrance OMNIA CRYSTALLINE, a luminous and delicate scent inspired by the glowing clarity of pure crystal.

Emirates and Bvlgari First Class mens kit


The male Business Class bags come in a smart two-tone fabric with a functional carry handle and draw on the fresh fragrance ‘AQVA POUR HOMME’, reminiscent of the power and beauty of the sea. Passengers will also receive luxurious Bvlgari cosmetics that include a lip balm, body lotion and face cream, all in their respective fragrances.

All eight bags have been designed to have versatile uses, from cosmetic bags to travel pouches. Additionally, FORMIA created essential on-board items with sustainability in mind, which include toothbrushes, combs and mirrors made of wheat straw and a dental kit that was once packed in a plastic box but now comes wrapped in rice paper.

“Working with such prestigious brands as Emirates and Bvlgari is always a joy and we are particularly proud of the results of this collaboration. Not only does it ooze sophistication and opulence, it also addresses the growing need for re-usable and long-lasting designs such as we did with the bags but also with the accessories’ that we have created that go towards reducing plastic use. At FORMIA we relish in delighting passengers, and offering the chance to disembark with a scent from the much coveted ‘BVLGARI LE GEMME’ collection does just that.” commented Roland Grohmann, FORMIA’s CEO & Managing Partner.

Emirates and Bvlgari Business Class Collection