FORMIA leads Aeromexico, in leap forward in in-flight amenities


Aeromexico Spoils Business Class Guests With Elegant Etro Amenity Kits!

FORMIA, the international guest amenity and hospitality specialist, today announces it has entered into an extension of its existing, valued collaboration with Aeromexico, Mexico’s Global Airline. Under the terms of the agreement, from autumn 2019 FORMIA will supply new amenity kits for presentation to passengers travelling in Clase Premier (Aeromexico’s Business Class cabin).

In line with its continuous quest for adding value to the airline’s proposition, FORMIA brings on board Aeromexico, two unique amenity kits branded Etro, the Italian luxury fashion house synonym of art, design & craftmanship. FORMIA, together with Etro, has designed two distinct, high quality bags, one a spacious cosmetics bag, the other an elegant, slim pouch. This is the first time the Etro fashion and cosmetic brand will be available on board an airline in the Americas. The style of Etro’s fashion lends itself perfectly to these amenity kits whose exterior is made of an elegant, plain coloured material inspired by the brand’s gentlemen’s suits and inside, by contrast, the bags are finished with Etro’s signature Paisley pattern fabric giving the bags a particularly chic feel. 

Amongst the contents to be found in the kits are a selection of Etro cosmetics and a striking, Etro branded eyemask matching the paisley pattern inside the bags. The XL mask illustrates FORMIA’s attention to detail and design as well as it ensures far greater comfort and better protection from any sources of bright lights. 

Also inside the kit, passengers will find a superb and useful Field Notes notebook, a first-on-board for the Chicago-based brand, particularly renowned for its high quality, limited edition stationery collections. Field Notes has specially created a customized design for this Aeromexico notebook, reflecting again the care and attention to detail that has gone into the design and production of these amenity kits. 

Commenting, FORMIA Co-Founder, Roland Grohmann, said: “In the modern travel and hospitality markets, it becomes ever more challenging to achieve the goal of creating distinctive, innovative and high quality kits. With these unique kits for Aeromexico, I believe we have achieved our goal and have designed attractive and useful products which will delight passengers not only during their journeys but also through many post-flight uses as well.” 

Antonio Fernandez, Senior VP On board Product, said: “We are delighted with the way in which the FORMIA team has responded to our ambition to constantly improve the quality and attractiveness of our onboard hospitality offerings. We are thrilled about these selected collaborations: with Etro as we recognise the exclusiveness of such a global luxury brand as well as with Field Notes, in designing a customised limited edition for us. We are confident that our passengers will greatly value these kits and recognise them as part of Aeromexico’s overall programme to raise our levels of product & service to ever higher levels.” 

Commenting, Jim Coudal, President, Field Notes, said: “We’re excited to be part of this project and to be partnering with Aeromexico and Etro. Our products are carefully made and designed to provide consumers with a simple, practical notebook which is particularly useful in travel settings. It’s been great to work with Formia and we are particularly pleased with how the design aesthetic of Field Notes works with the classic Aeromexico logo and identity system. It’s a great fit all around.”