Formia with Hawaiian Debut New Sustainable Kits



FORMIA, has partnered with Hawaiian Airlines on the launch of its new sustainability amenity kit program, designed by Hawai’i lifestyle brand Noho Home by Jalene Kanani Bell.


Sustainable materials were used throughout the product lineup including a bag made with a recycled plastic canvas as well as a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste in a recycled aluminium tube, FSC-certified kraft paper and wheat straw pen. In addition, a range of items such as socks, eye shades and cosmetic tubes made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic compliments the overall product offering.

To reduce waste and to provide a more relevant, customised experience, First Class guests will be able to select from a range of products a-la-carte.



FORMIA has taken additional steps to further improve the sustainability of the program by attaining a carbon-neutral certification for the products. They partnered with SCS Global Services, a third-party verification provider, to independently assess and certify the kits in an industry-first initiative.

The carbon-neutral certification followed a three-step process:

  1. Verification of the product’s carbon footprint based on a full life-cycle analysis in line with the ISO 14067 Standard
  2. Development of a carbon management plan, which includes continuous improvement steps to further decarbonize the carbon footprint of the product across the value chain
  3. Commitment to purchase and retire high-quality carbon offsets for the remaining emissions.


This month First Class guests traveling on Hawaiian’s long-haul international flights and between Hawai‘i and New York, Boston and Austin will be offered this new premium kit featuring the Kilo Hōkū and ʻŌlali designs.


Guests seated in Hawaiian’s Extra Comfort and Main Cabin will receive new amenity kits featuring the Lele design. Each design has been inspired by Native Hawaiian practices and tells a story of exploration through patterns, colours, designs and textures.

FORMIA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Niklas Sandor commented: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Hawaiian Airlines to develop this groundbreaking collection of responsible amenity kits. FORMIA is proud to launch certified carbon-neutral kits for Hawaiian Airlines and to support them on their journey towards providing a more sustainable and meaningful travel experience for their passengers.”