As pressure is intensifying on airlines to demonstrate best practice sustainability. INFINITELIVES is promoting simple easy actions that keep you moving on the eco path.

INFINITELIVES has announced the creation of three sustain-ability initiatives. As pressure to demonstrate and imple-ment sustainability solutions continues for airlines, introducing eco-friendly programs that offer the potential for cash back, reduced municipal charges and stronger environmental, social and governance (ESG) pro- grams. The initiatives include the Greening Landfill, Green Bag Sustainability and Zero Single-Use Plastics in the Cabin. 

Greening Landfill takes waste from aircraft off load and separates single-use plastics; dramatically reducing the volume of waste trucked to landfill and reduces the landfill charges paid by the airline or caterer. Green Bag Sustain- ability allows crews to collect all plastic glasses using the Green Bags.

Customers are encouraged to join the initiative by dropping their plastic glasses into the Green Bags. On the ground, INFINITELIVES collect the Green Bags from each flight and take the contents away for sterilisation and repurposing to new, valuable onboard service items Zero Single-Use Plastics in the Cabin zeros in on the importance to move to zero plastics onboard. Recyclable content materials such as Limex – limestone composite material – are now available to create identical-looking dishes and cups that are cost neutral to existing plastic dishes.