Hayward Luxury and CLIP create special Kits for the Holidays.

After successfully introducing the first Hayward and Hopper kits onboard JetBlue in November 2016, Hayward Luxury and CLIP have created very special and unique Kits for the Holidays.
For two short months, throughout November and December, the Holiday kits onboard JetBlue features a surprising element for the passengers to enjoy and take away.  In both Hayward and Hopper kits, there is a pair of fingerless gloves provided for each Mint Class passenger; therefore this unique gift extends to the overall passenger experience by adding a bit of fun and holiday feel to the kits.  The kit is packed with small delights; personal care items from the USA, eyeshades, socks, dental set, pen and earplugs.
“Growing up in Los Angeles in the 1960s, I always pictured my father with two items around his neck: his camera, and a bandanna.  There are the most amazing photos in our archives taken while he was directing THE LAST MOVIE (which is re-launching next Spring at Cannes), and he’s wearing a bandanna in every shot.  My mother would often wear bandannas in her hair–a more modern version of a scarf–as she drove around Los Angeles in a chic little convertible.  Each of them seemed to embody the quintessential spirit of the American West in their own way: dynamic, inventive, and free. 
For the Hayward and Hopper holiday kits, I designed two unique bandanna prints that celebrate that unique spirit.  The Hopper kit incorporates a sun motif drawn from the “Dennis Hopper Works of Art” sign that hangs in our store in New York City, and a thunderbird, a symbol of power reflective of the American Southwest.  It was also the logo of my grandfather Leland Hayward’s flight school, Thunderbird Field, which was used as a training facility for pilots during World War II.  The Hayward kit is embellished with a floral motif drawn from the hand-painted Fortuny wallpaper on the ceiling of our New York store, and it is also illustrated with peacocks, a bird that I adore!  Two of which perch on the walls at Hayward House…–Marin Hopper, 2017″