In the Spotlight – Albert Facques – Bayart Innovations


Amenities magazine put Albert Facques, CEO of Bayart innovations, In The Spotlight.

When was Bayart Innovations established and what attracted the company to the onboard amenity sector?  

My relationship with the airlines has a long history. I was born in the heart of the cradle of industrial textiles in northern France. In the 70s my grandfather weaver, provided blankets for airlines. In continuity, it has been 15 years since I expanded the range by developing products for air passenger comfort, and that is how Bayart Innovations was born. 

What is the most significant change you have seen in the amenity market in the past ten years? 

It is undeniable that yesterday’s consumer has evolved well. It is the evolution of his behaviour that is the most significant change for me. It is more difficult to convince, and the consumer is now over connected via the digital. I am aware that consumer behaviour is the key to understanding market transformations. That’s why, it is necessary to develop the customer experience. 

We are therefore making sure to offer airlines kits that will arouse the passenger’s senses, an emotion so that they can remember this moment. The experience then begins with the purchase of the ticket, during the flight, afterwards, in order to create a link and meet the expectations of future generations while sharing the same values. 

How do you predict the market will change in the coming years and what innovations are you hoping to see?

Tomorrow’s leitmotivs will be digital, eco-designed, compostable, second life of product and the passenger experience. We will produce differently and understand the expectations of future consumers. Not only will offsetting the carbon footprint of air travel be rooted in everyone’s actions, but compliance with the law banning single-use plastics will also be applied by everyone. The eco-design of the kit will no longer be optional. The entire kit will be compostable and/or reusable. 

As a company, what accomplishment/project/partnership are you most proud of?

I am proud of our ability to retain our partnerships. Once a link is developed with a company, this collaboration remains, it is constant. As a result, we feel that our customers are committed to our know-how and that they share our values. 

And it is thanks to my team, the talents of this company ! They listen to customers to build an offer that meets their expectations while nurturing exchanges. 

How are airlines changing their approach towards their onboard amenity offerings in the context of the current market?

The current economic situation is punctuated by a more eco-responsible offer, green, compostable materials, eco-friendly, a second life for products. 

Airlines communicate with passengers to make them aware of the urgency of consuming green. For example, by using raw materials of vegetable origin, our comfortable equipment eco-friendly products. Through our products, the consumer becomes a link in a chain that is more virtuous for our planet. 

Passenger needs drive airline offerings onboard, however are the airlines doing enough to keep up?

To my mind Airlines are trying to refocus on the customer, and above all to listen to them. 

This can be seen with the rise of the customer experience. This notion of focusing on emotions, the 5 senses of the customer through our products drives us. A real challenge that we strive to incorporate into our DNA. 

As a supplier, what challenges do you face in enabling airlines to offer more sustainable solutions at an affordable cost? 

We currently have the ability to offer companies a 100% compostable offer. Sustainable is no longer a possibility but a part of our identity. 

Some airlines offer their economy passenger the opportunity to purchase higher cabin class amenity kits? How do  you think the affects the overall exclusivity of the Airline offering?

Receiving the business kit reflects a privilege for those travelers who feel unique. For me, it is good to offer the business kit to passengers in eco class. Moreover, I think that eco-tourists will keep the kit longer and reuse it more easily.


Where is your favourite place to go on vacation?

During the holidays, I like to be with my family. To recharge my batteries, I love sailing along the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. 

What is your favourite city? 

No doubt Paris. Our French capital is a real source of inspiration in terms of fashion, design and culture. 

Your favourite onboard tipple? 

As an epicurean, a good glass of French wine.