In The Spotlight – Corinne Brand – Albea Beauty Group


Amenities puts Corinne Brand, Director of Promotional Items Activity at Albea Beauty Group in the spotlight.

What motivated Albea to expand into the airline amenity kit market? 

We are bringing our recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of bags and accessories to the most prestigious Fragrance & Cosmetics brands worldwide since 30 years. About 12 years ago, we decided to take this unique know-how to the airlines industry. Our value proposition includes committed teams providing robust capabilities in innovation and design as well as project management, solid operating excellence, world-class manufacturing, as well as a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Albea has a long established understanding for beauty solutions from concept design to sourcing how has this been used when looking at airline amenities ? 

We know that a bag can have an incredibly powerful impact on the success of a brand. This is our mindset when we address an airline company not only as an airline but as a brand – with its unique DNA. That’s why our designers propose attractive collections of bags infused with the strong identity of the brand, combining its personality and history. It’s like a genetic code that speaks of pleasure, comfort, well-being, excellence, attention to detail, robustness, authenticity – and more!

What are the biggest challenges when developing amenity kits? 

The challenge is to imagine the perfect design: one that will fit the overall concept as well as the budget while being trendy and using the most innovative fabrics and high-quality materials. And we believe that whether for bags, comfort items or cosmetics we have all the assets to exceed airlines’ expectations! 

Do you think airlines consider sustainability when sourcing amenities? 

Definitely. Most of the airlines we meet are committed to sustainable development and are looking for eco-designed kits and inside-items, for instance made of recycled materials. 

What do you think will be the key design trends over the next 18 months ? 

I would bet on connected kits, where kits and screens meet for an unforgettable traveler experience.

How important is it to find the correct brand match when partnering a brand with an airline? 

It’s capital! Take the case of a cosmetic item – the two brands and their identities must be compatible and convey the same values. 

Could airline do more for Economy class passengers to help with sleep on long-haul flights? 

I believe so. A travel can become a cherished memory if the passenger feels cared for, pampered, surrounded by attention and goodwill. Together with comfort, care is of the utmost importance.

As a supplier to 2 of Europe’s major airlines do you see other European airlines as a growth opportunity or are you seeking new markets 

We are always eager to take on a new challenge. We believe we have a unique know-how and would love to take it to new markets ! 

If you designed you own kit what would it include?

A wonderful range of refreshing products – featuring towels, face mists, fresh sweets…and much more!