JAL Are Sure To Have Passengers Beaming Onboard With Their New Offering!


Japan Airlines, works closely with supplier Formia, for their new International Business Class Amenity offering in collaboration with MAISON KITSUNÉ and BEAMS!

FORMIA Co-Founder Roland Grohmann, states: “FORMIA is immensely proud to have worked with Japanese Airlines for a number of years now. These new kits take our collaboration to a new level with our focus remaining, as always, on quality, innovation and customer care. I know that both FORMIA and JAL are particularly pleased to be introducing the Maison Kitsuné brand to in-flight hospitality for the first time.”

Long haul Business Class guests departing Japan will be treated to an amenity kit designed in collaboration with MAISON KITSUNÉ; a fashion brand known for expressing a fusion of modern culture. MAISON KITSUNÉ was founded in 2002 in Paris by Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki. The word kitsune is derived from a Japanese word for fox, and in Japanese folklore, it is said that foxes have the ability to shapeshift into various forms. This will be their first collaboration to create an amenity kit for the airline industry.

On flights arriving into Japan, passengers will be gifted with another design made in partnership with BEAMS; a Japanese brand pioneering in lifestyle retailing. The kit features a unique pattern found in popular clothing materials and will introduce a new design every 3 months, as with the four seasons of Japan.

With such a cohesive collaboration evocative of JAL’s innovative brand values, the airline are sure to have guests beaming from ear to ear!