Kaelis Design New Comfort Set for Middle East Airlines’


Kaelis designed this new exclusive comfort set for Middle East Airlines’ business class passengers to provide a warmer and cosier travelling experience. The Comfort Set has been elegantly designed thinking on the passenger’s needs so it comes with a warm blanket and a beautiful pillow.


The blanket is made of plush and microfiber so it is smooth and cushioned. It has the perfect size for a comfortable rest while flying on MEA’s routes. It has two colours, grey and azure blue, that work perfectly to create an elegant blanket. The quilted pattern allows the filling to warm equally on the surfaces of the blanket and the embroidered logo gives a sophisticated touch.


Following the same colour palette as the blanket, the pillow has a distinguished and contemporary design with geometric patterns, and with the MEA logo on the front. The pillowcase is made of peach skin so the texture is soft and comfortable.

This comfort set excels on its materials and constructs and provides a warm and cosier travel experience. The designs and colours give an elegant and contemporary look to the whole set as it increases the loyalty of MEA’s passengers.