Kaelis launch PPE Platform to assist with Coronavirus Response



In a bid to assist with the global shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Kaelis has used its’ expertise and resources in global supply and manufacturing to create PPE Equipment for customers and their staff around the world.

Kaelis are aware of the importance of speed when it comes to saving lives with access to PPE, so they have teamed up with a number of business partners to ensure simple, hassle free logistics, and a safe online platform for their customers. These partners include NeuroredS4GConsulting, several Logistics Partners and Global Payment Network Veem. Having a secure online platform means that any institutions that need access to PPE can do so directly through the Kaelis portal, to ensure a seamless ordering process, and allows Kaelis to ensure that the PPE gets to the people who need it most, as quickly as they can.