Onboard amenity kits for passengers on Russian Railways


AK-Service signed the new contract with Russian Railways for amenity kits for passengers in all classes.

First Class passengers receive bags with the pictures of the sights of two Russian capitals cities – Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The red one is developed for female passengers and blue one for male. Laconic design, new brand’s colors, elaborated details will be loved by everyone and emphasize privileged status of First Class passengers.

It brings as well as a significant upgrade of the contents with the introduction of high quality items from the Hopal cosmetic range produced in Italy especially for Russian Railways. The amenity kit contains essential items including comfortable slippers, dental kit, comb, shoe horn and shoe polish, soap, ear plugs and some various items for personal hygiene for male and female. Amenities are represented by Hopal brand and include shampoo, shower gel and body lotion. These cosmetic products were chosen especially for onboard use.