MicrobeBARRIER™ Protection. The future of clean textiles!


Buzz to introduce the newest wellness initiative – MicrobeBARRIER™ fabric protection. MicrobeBARRIER™ is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment, laboratory tested and proven to reduce the presence of germs in fabrics.

Applicable to a wide range of materials, MicrobeBARRIER™ helps prevent the growth and spread of germs and other micro-organisms within the treated fabric. MicrobeBARRIER™ protection is also maintained for multiple washes.

MicrobeBARRIER™ is ideal to for use on rotable textiles including blankets, facemasks and plush, as well as for fixed textiles such as seat coverings and curtains inflight. The treatments will also enhance freshness and hygiene in hotel textiles such as cushions, couches, duvets, blankets, bedheads and couches.

MicrobeBARRIER™ protects from bacteria, mildew, mould and odours caused by heat, moisture and organic matter that builds up or lands on textile product.  Antimicrobial fabric treatments are used widely in bedding, apparel and hospital products, and Buzz have partnered with world leading suppliers to create MicrobeBARRIER™.

MicrobeBARRIER Etihad snood by BUZZ

Buzz recently launched protective wear treated with MicrobeBARRIER™ for Etihad Airways First and Business Class guests. This long-lasting protective treatment creates a healthier and cleaner environment for travelers, helping to restore confidence as they prepare to travel again.