New ECO kits for S7 Airlines


AK-Service renewed the business class amenity kits for S7 Airlines, Russia’s largest domestic carrier. The paper bags are 100% recyclable as S7 are determined to do everything they can to care for that world as a member of oneworld.

The kits feature pictures by the Russian artist and sculptor Dmitry Shorin. Dmitry is the youngest contemporary artist honored with a solo exhibition in Marble Palace of State Russian Museum and a Kandinsky Prize nominee. His sculptures  “I Believe in Angels” have been exhibited  in Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg.

The new kits include all the usual items for the comfort journey: socks, eye-mask, earplugs and etc, as well as refreshing sweets and Natura Siberica hand cream.

Speaking with Amenities Alexander Ferents, Managing Director of AK Service commented “We are very happy to be working with S7 Airlines continuing our long term relationship in providing great and original onboard amnesty kits”