New Nowruz Celebratory Uzbekistan Airways Kit


National celebrations are always surrounded by a special amazing atmosphere, unusual traditions and deep interesting customs that reach back through the centuries. One of the most ancient celebrations in history, Nowruz, which marks the beginning of summer according to the solar calendar, belongs to this celebration.

In honor of this happy occasion Uzbekistan Airways has prepared a gift for its passengers – new celebratory amenity kits.

The amenity kits are designed with inspiration from unique beauty of the picturesque nature of Uzbekistan, and the national pattern once again emphasizes the richness of the centuries-old Uzbek culture.

The kit contains everything needed for a long trip. In addition to usual comfort items, new amenity kit include soft and very comfortable slippers, a pleasant sleep mask, as well as the famous Caudalie cosmetics that take care of the beauty and health of skin 24 hours a day.

Group of companies AK-Service is pleased to cooperate with Uzbekistan Airways and always cares about their passengers’ comfort.