New Range of Innovative Health & Wellness Amenity Kits


iFLY Smart and FORMIA Team Up to Help International Air Travelers Stay Safe with their Latest Health & Wellness Collaboration

Calego International Inc. and FORMIA jointly announced the launch of their collaborative initiative to develop a range of health & wellness amenity kits for airlines. The kits will be branded under Calego’s iFLYSmartTM brand, which achieved national distribution in North America across major retailers and is recognized as the industry-leading health & wellness brand in the travel industry.

iFly and fORMIA

“We developed our health amenity kits back in 2017, long before COVID-19 emerged, because we always believed travelers must prioritize their health”, said David Rapps, President of Calego and CEO of iFLYSmart. “We’re thrilled to partner with FORMIA because together we will provide travelers around the world a range of products that answer their health and safety concerns in the most practical way possible.”

The range of amenity kits will include antibacterial products, protective face masks and soon-to-be announced items that will make travel safer and more comfortable than it has traditionally been.

“As we watch the aviation community grapple with changes to travel and travelers, we believe it’s critical to be at the forefront of product innovation in the health & wellness space,” said Roland Grohmann, FORMIA’s CEO & Managing Partner. “It’s exciting to partner with Calego and iFLYSmartTM because they are experts in the category and have successfully built their brand during such a turbulent period in our industry.”