New step on the way to the healthy future!


AK-Service has been manufacturing sanitary products since 1994 and always priorities the needs of their customers. Always responding quickly to any changes in the situation and market needs.

Together with a new brand partner Aquatique they launched a new fresh and colourful line of sanitising products, which aims to make you feel good and brighten your day. The range of high-quality includes an antibacterial hand soaps, hand gels with antiseptic effect, disinfectant wipes, protecting masks, providing a high level of protection against bacteria and viruses.

Currently, AK-Service not only produces and supplies large quantities of sanitary products and masks, but also daily expands its product line that helps fight the spread of viruses and bacteria. The new door mats, complete with a special shoe disinfectant, are already available to all our customers! This is an effective way to keep spaces clean for airlines and many other business sectors. Caring about the environment, AK-Service not only supply the door mats but also recycling at their facilities after use.