Our Favourite Personal Hygiene Kits from the Past Year


At the start of the pandemic airlines were quick to source and provide passenger with the basis PPE a standard disposable mask, plastic gloves and sanitizer. As the pandemic drags on airline have started to introduce their own branded Passenger Hygiene Kit now view very much as a passenger differentiation. In the future it is anticipated that Amenity Kits and Passenger Hygiene kits will become one.

So here are some of our favourite Personal Hygiene Kits from the past 12 months

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) and Lifebuoy


Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) and Lifebuoy:- These kits are uniquely designed, each carrying Heritage-themed patterns highlighting and spreading awareness the Kingdom’s historically rich regions to the passengers – Najd, Hejaz, Southern, Northern and Eastern provinces.

The iconic regional patterns are selected in cooperation with the Saudi Heritage Commission. Each kit carries Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Gel and Antibacterial Wet Wipes keeping sustainability at heart, all kits are environmentally friendly, reusable, and recyclable.


Utair Airlines / AK-Service


Utair Airlines / AK-Service:- Passengers receive a high-quality reusable mask complete with two 4-layer filters – so the mask remains effective protection throughout all the flight.

The kit also contains antiseptic liquid with no alcohol, latex disposable gloves and antiseptic napkin. The craft envelope is made of excellent quality paper and the antiseptic gel is designed with care about passengers – it doesn’t dry the skin; it has a light pleasant aroma.


Virgin Atlantic / Linstol


Virgin Atlantic / Linstol:- Passengers receive a very on-brand ‘Health Pack’ inside the “You’re in safe hands” foil bag is a couple of disposable face masks, hand sanitizer sachets and disinfectant wipes plus visual instruction on how to wear a mask. The kit is very similar to the one Delta provides passenger for peace of mind


Turkish Airlines / STL Teknoloji Ltd


Turkish Airlines / STL Teknoloji Ltd:- Guests are given a hygiene kit including a mask, antiseptic wipes, and hand disinfectant. Kits in domestic and short haul flights include mask and antiseptic wipes, while kits in medium and long-haul flights include additional hand disinfectant. Turkish Airlines has carefully designed the products in the hygiene kit to create a safe travel environment for its passengers.


Icelandair / Global C


Icelandair / Global C:- Offering peace of mind this kit includes a face mask, antibacterial towel, and hand sanitizer gel. There’s also a sealable bag, meaning contact points for passengers and crew are minimized when it comes to collection and disposal (no need to leave any used items in the seat pocket!). Plus the PPE kit comes with paper wrapping and a fresh, clean design that represents the Icelandair brand


Air France / Albea Travel Designer


Air France / Albea Travel Designer:- This sanitary kit is distributed to passengers during the flight, regardless of their selected class. It is packed into an FSC paper envelop and contains a surgical mask, an individual virucidal wipe and an individual virucidal gel sachet. All the elements are made in Europe and assembled in France, providing sustainability with a limited carbon footprint.