Special Focus on Sustainability, the New Finnair Clean Kit.

Finnair Safety Hygiene Clean Kit
Finnair Safety Hygiene Clean Kit

Finnair’s new paper envelope kit not only contains amenities but also acts as a waste container for used items ready for waste collection. The kit features specially commissioned artwork by Finnish artist Reeta Ekk.

It contains 2 x sachets of “Kyrö Hand Desi” hand sanitiser plus a surface wipe intended for the customer to use on armrests, tray tables and other surfaces around them.There is also an Information leaflet communicating Finnair’s measures in maintaining a safe environment.

The kit especially focuses on sustainability, its contents and manufacture is sourced entirely from Finland. The only exception of this is the surface wipe, which had to be imported due to the current isopropyl alcohol shortages in Europe:

Finnair Safety Hygiene Clean Kit
Finnair Safety Hygiene Clean Kit

The paper product was printed in Finland using sustainable Finnish forestry fibres. The “Hand Desi” raw product was manufactured at Kyrö’s distillery and packaged into a single portion sachet by a third party specifically for Finnair. The kit packing was done by a Finnair catering contractor near the airport.

Although the face masks are not part of the kit (as Finnair ask passengers to bring their own for the entire journey) they have a limited number available onboard. The same masks are being used by the Finnair crew and these masks were also sourced and manufactured within Finland.

Whilst the primary objective of course is to provide a product that helps reassure Finnair’s customers of a safe journey, this was also an opportunity for Finnair to experiment and really see what they can do with local and domestic supply chains.

David Kondo, Head of Product Design & Customer Experience commented  “Sustainability is a real focus for Finnair and there is a lot of activity ongoing to reduce environmental impact. I think this exercise has taught us a lot and for sure we will be looking closer to home as we renew our various products within the Finnair experience”.