SPIRIANT Develop New Concept of Amenity Kits

SPIRIANT- Fashionista Kit

In order to travelling safely, it is necessary to provide passengers with a new hygiene standard onboard. SPIRIANT has developed a new concept of amenity kits to support our clients to ensure their passengers’ health and safety during air travel. Our new line of amenity kits contains a wide variety of items that are ensuring the safety of passengers while still giving Airlines the opportunity to promote their brand and choose from a selection of different design options. 

The Amenity Kits include products like facemasks, hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes, which become essential to ensure passenger safety and onboard comfort. 


SPIRIANT – Eco Warriors Kit

While safety is the most important issue when it comes to these products, environmental awareness and a general sense for fashion should not be neglected. Therefore, we offer a kit completely made out of environmentally friendly materials. It includes a reusable facemask and a pack of sanitizing towels safely stored within a pouch. The brown and dark green colors resemble the eco-friendly material while also offering a more fashionable choice compared to the average non-woven face masks. 


SPIRIANT- Fashionista Kit

For those seeking an option that differs widely and offers much room for customization, we have developed the fashionista collection. The pouch itself contains a refreshing towel as well as a pack of tissues. The most outstanding item is the reusable facemask made with 100% cotton fabric. We offer eye-catching designs in line with the brand identity of our clients that will make this face mask a desirable object for passengers to take home and continue using in their everyday life. 


SPIRIANT – New Amenity Kit

Focused on a high-end travel experience, the ‘New Amenity Kit’ provides all the necessities for luxurious travel during the COVID19 pandemic. The kit contains a wide number of different items, including a cotton facemask in collaboration with FUZE and high-class, all-natural cosmetics from Sydney-based cosmetics manufacturer BONDI WASH. 


SPIRIANT – Fuze Face Mask

SPIRIANT recently launched a facemask produced in collaboration with FUZE. Special about the FUZE material is the fact that it is chemical applicable to almost all surfaces that actively kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Additionally, the substance is completely environmentally friendly, representing a unique approach to hygienic safety in aviation.These factors make FUZE a holistic approach that still emphasizes sustainability while ensuring complete hygienic safety. 

Testing for the use of FUZE masks against COVID-19 is currently ongoing. While there has not been a final result yet, the first stages of testing seem very promising. The material stays protective for up to 100 washes.