Sustainability Gets Simply Stylish Onboard Virgin Atlantic!


With their first A350-1000 taking flight this September, Virgin Atlantic are committed to being the cleanest, greenest and youngest fleet in the world, offering outstanding amenities that are sustainable yet stylish –  And saving 945 tonnesof plastic per year! 

The ever-increasing demand for green goodie bags onboard is a small yet significant way airlines can make their contribution towards global efforts in saving the planet. Sustainability has become a top priority in the onboard amenity industry and Virgin Atlantic are determined to make their offering the cream of the crop with regards to sustainable values.

Working with supplier, Galileo Watermark, Virgin’s new Goodie Bags will be introduced across its fleet in both Upper Class and Premium cabins, made from responsibly sourced, FSC certified recyclable kraft paper and filled with sustainable treats. Corneel Koster, Executive Vice President, Customer at Virgin Atlantic commented: “Virgin Atlantic has always played by its own rules and our new amenities are no exception. Our commitment to sustainability is key to who we are, and we fully understand the importance to our customers. We have developed and selected better quality, innovative, sustainable amenities, which can be enjoyed onboard, and used again at home

Virgin also takes its beauty products to new heights partnering with REN Clean Skincare for products in the Upper Class amenity kit and Clubhouse bathrooms,Arnaud Meysselle, CEO REN Clean Skincare says, “As pioneers of clean, it’s our pleasure to partner with Virgin Atlantic to provide in-flight skincare products in recycled and recyclable packaging, alongside our Zero Waste by 2021 pledge.’

The Airline have also introduced Aveda haircare into their Clubhouse showers and spas offering customers products of the highest quality whilst being kind to skin and the environment. Luke Evans, VP of Aveda UK and Ireland says, “It is with great excitement and pride that Aveda are partnering with Virgin Atlantic to provide customers with the very best in sustainable, naturally-derived ingredients and high performing haircare.

The Upper Class Goody Bags also include a full size @Bambuubrush toothbrush, a light blocking satin eyeshade with Velcro fastening to fit all shapes and sizes, contemporary design socks inspired by the destinations they fly to, ear plugs in paper packaging, WhiteGlow toothpaste and a Kraft paper pen.

In Economy Class, sustainable items such as eye masks, ear plugs, dental kits, socks and pens will be available on request, further contributing to the reduction of single use products and waste production. Comparing the old amenity kits the airline offered, to the new Goodie Bags, there is a saving of 945 tonnes of plastic per year, equal to the weight of more than 6 Airbus A350-1000 aircrafts. Johannes Kloess, Managing Director at Galileo Watermark says,“, Galileo Watermark is now proud to be working with the airline once again in the creation of the most sustainable kits (goodie bags) available in the industry”.

Virgin Atlantic’s much loved Upper Class sleep suits have also undergone a complete makeover and are now ‘Loungewear’ made of a soft cotton-blend jersey fabric. Available to all customers on night flights and on request on day flights, the new Loungewear comes in three sizes and with its new subtle design can easily be worn off the plane, through the airport and into your living room. With sustainability always in mind, the Loungewear comes in a reusable bag.

Further inflight treats customers can expect on the brand new A350-1000 include new stylish tableware, new almond gold Wilbur and Orville salt & pepper pots, metal napkin rings as well as new bedding designed to reduce wash loads and a padded fitted sheet for enhanced traveller comfort.