Thinking about wine, we can consider many aspects: a material component, it is fermented grape juice, but also a philosophical one, it is the result of human activities that direct the behavior of Nature towards a specific purpose and also, a beautiful social one, it brings humans together…

But it is also a food, and as such, requires a sense of responsibility on the Producer side regarding its organoleptic characteristics, healthiness and environmental impact in its production.

Nowadays any economic activity cannot ethically ignore a great attention to the environmental sustainability of its production processes.

Also in agriculture, and in the agri-food sector, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the management of the resources used in production, starting from the raw materials to reach energy consumption. In viticulture, intensive cultivation par excellence, it is necessary to “rejuvenate” obsolete production practices, renewing processes in the field and in the cellar to minimize the ecological footprint.

From this point of view, at the Italian Sommelier Foundation we have put in place our knowledge for several years trying to “push” the organic cultivation as an optimal starting point both for the quality of the products and for the reduction of extra productive factors normally employed.

Beyond organics is where Sustainability comes into play with resource management in terms of water and energy efficiency in the vineyard and winery: Sustainability will grow in importance in people’s minds as climate change continues to become reality.

We are trying to send a message since many years regarding the importance of increasing  the sense of respect for Nature and its balance: call them natural wines, artisanal, true or ethical, but these wines are the result of a commitment towards ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ and this means not fighting Nature,  but working together with Her to obtain better grapes and wines that best express the characteristics of a “terroir”, of a Land.

The Italian Sommelier Foundation together with the World Wide Sommelier Association, Wine Makers, Top Restaurants, Hotel chains,  the Airline industry etc…WE ALL have a big opportunity today to send a message to the World, hoping to give to our sons and to the sons of our sons a different future in terms of quality of life: using and selecting Sustainable Wines means that the products that you are offering is the result of a noble concept in which in the vineyards, any interference with the Nature balance has been avoidreducing mechanical interventions as much as possible, applying integrated production techniquesusing only products from natural origin, no synthetic pesticides or insecticidesand also fighting harmful insects by helping those which are considered “friends”.

We will be All judged and selected more and more in the future from Customers also for the decisions we are making today.

Just think, as an example, that during one year, 2,5 billions of wine glasses are served on board aircrafts all around the World. Thinking at this big impact and being a passenger, I would personally be very proud to choose an Airline, as an example, that cares about giving an important message about Life, even starting from what is served on board: there is nothing better than toasting with a bottle that embodies a total respect for Nature and for Life…

Let’s All try to care more about ourselves, let’s drink Sustainable!!

Carlo Attisano Deputy Chairman of the Italian Sommelier Foundation