TAP is pleasing parents and their offspring by introducing a new amenity concept for babies/infants and children who are older than six years. Thereby, the former concept is completely replaced by a fresher, more juvenile approach that perfectly fits these young age groups. Its continuous picture language is based on TAP’s new mascot, an animated comic plane. skysupply, a reputable industry trend setter and market leader for inflight equipment, created the matching innovative amenity items.

Along with the new concepts, TAP’s mascot was specifically designed for the re-start – a high cuteness factor and recognition value makes the actual stuffed animal a great toy and companion during the flight and afterwards. The image of the mascot is equally incorporated in the amenity items which were designed and realized by skysupply. “Our goal was to produce amenities which are adapted to the special necessities of babies/infants and young children, and at the same time, reflect the airline’s corporate identity in a playful way,” says Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director at skysupply.

The result is a new generation of amenities:

The key product (baby/infant amenity) is eco-friendly and practical since disposable pads are avoided, and the infant’s diapers can be changed hygienically. From outside, the foldable pad is branded with TAP’s mascot, the inside is an upholstered, washable pad. The interior compartment designed as a net, holds various items: a small stuffed plane for the baby to play with, a small spoon for feeding, and a washable bib showing the same style as the pad. Last but not least, the bag includes a lovingly designed string for the pacifier. The colors are light blue, pleasant shades of green, and white – soothing to the eye.

The kits developed for children over six years sensitively hit the right point when it comes to combining entertaining products, suitable for children, yet premium design and customer loyalty at a very early stage. All items are placed in a fashionable, sporty all-round gym bag which front is showing TAP’s mascot. Two bicolored strings are attached for the child’s wearing comfort. The sack includes several fun items: an inflatable neck cushion with a soft jersey cover which also showcases the plane motif, a set of color pencils and a coloring book to keep the child entertained, a card game, a pair of socks for warm feet, and a dental set.

With the new children pouches, TAP and skysupply once again showcased their innovative ideas and implementation on a high level: the children’s gym bag is both, an entertaining and multifunctional product, and a very smart move towards customer loyalty. The parents will appreciate the items and the children will not only be excited about this present in general, they will also enjoy showing off their new belongings during their vacation and back at home at school. At an early age, this could be the beginning of a positive, enduring mindset towards the TAP brand