THAI Partners with Jim Thompson for New Royal Silk Class Kits



Thai Airways collaborates with Jim Thompson, the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand celebrated for its beautiful silks, to launch the brand-new amenity kit designed exclusively for Royal Silk Class passengers.

This partnership signifies the first extensive collaboration between THAI and Jim Thompson on such a grand scale. Crafted from biodegradable fabric, the Jim Thompson bag showcases six exclusive prints, thoughtfully paired with a velvety-soft slumber shade in a coordinating design. The bag also sports a selection of premium amenities such as a biodegradable toothbrush, socks, aromatherapy roller, lip balm, hand lotion, and more, all meticulously selected to enhance the comfort of the in-flight experience.


Mr. Chai Eamsiri, THAI Chief Executive Officer, said, “In partnership with Jim Thompson, we are pleased to introduce the new THAI amenity kit for the Royal Silk Class passengers travelling on TG routes with flying time over four hours, except for flights operated with A320 aircraft. Our kit has been curated with a focus on comfort, luxury, and sustainability.

This not only allows our passengers to journey with convenience and style but also reaffirms our commitment to eco-friendly practices and reducing single-use plastics. With many amenities in the kit crafted from biodegradable materials, Jim Thompson’s exclusive prints ensure we preserve Thailand’s aesthetics.


Frank Cancelloni, Group CEO at Jim Thompson, says, “This amenity kit symbolizes a remarkable partnership, as both brands share a common objective of elevating Thailand’s presence on the international stage, all while staying committed to their authentic roots. Jim Thompson epitomizes Thai craftsmanship and artistic expression, while THAI represents the nation’s service excellence and cultural heritage as its national airline. We are honoured to partner with THAI and, at the same time, enable passionate world travellers to savour a fusion of traditional Thai grace and contemporary design.”


The six exclusive Jim Thompson prints in the amenity kit draw inspiration from diverse facets of Thai culture and natural beauty. Bupha is a vibrant ode to the Dendrobium orchid, which grows in abundance in Thailand. Mini Elephants pays homage to the iconic Thai elephant, showcasing these majestic creatures in a playful display. Porcelain takes cues from the historical connection between Portugal and China, with rich blue hues and enchanted creatures.


Amphawa captures the timeless essence of a quaint riverside community in Samut Songkhram, embodying the serene canal homes and floating markets. Royal Garland echoes the deep-rooted tradition of crafting garlands as symbols of good fortune in Thai culture. Lastly, Yatra showcases the grandeur of elephant processions, a sight reserved for special occasions. Each print offers passengers a delightful tapestry of Thai experiences.

The collaboration with the national airline to enhance the global travel experience further underscores Jim Thompson’s commitment to innovate and expand its offerings beyond its world-renowned Thai silk heritage under the new “Beyond Silk” tagline.