That Certain ‘Je ne Sais Quoi’


Clarins, Carita, Givenchy. All beautiful brands that permeate French luxury, sophistication and antiquity. It’s no surprise that through timeless design and such world renowned cosmetic brands, Albéa Travel Designer have consistently acquired great success at multiple Industry Awards, most memorably making their mark with the original Air France Givenchy Kit which took the industry by storm. Albéa Travel Designer is known for its expertise in cosmetic packaging and it is this unique positioning that is the basis of Albéa Travel Designer’s trusted reputation.

Along with their expertise in the world of luxury, Albéa Travel Designer have remained unwaveringly committed to sustainability by supporting assisted employment centers for kitting, using eco-friendly, recycled and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) materials and building a network of reliable and audited partners. This can not only be said for the production of their products but also the cosmetic brands they choose collaborate with.

The supplier has now become synonymous with leading French airline, Air France, and for the past decade has designed and produced an astounding 3 million Air France kits a year! Over the years, this historic partnership has allowed Albéa Travel Designer to really fine tune their designs to perfectly reflect the airlines elegant DNA.

As Airlines Activity Director, Corinne Brand underlines,we understand what makes our customers unique: their heritage, background, brand values, brand D.N.A. Today, with the era of “me, me, me”, it is all about the story.  The story airlines want to tell and what they want to offer to passengers. A seamless experience, across devices, time, tools.This experience in the industry has led to other notable partnerships with Dutch airlines KLM, Thai Airways and most recently Middle East Airlines.

Having started as a relatively small contender in the market, Albéa Travel Designer have evolved effortlessly over the years to bring their own verve and je ne sais quoi to the industry. We can’t wait to see what they have in store this year!