The Bottega Bar Reopens at Dubai International Airport


On 22nd December the Bottega Prosecco Bar, located inside the Dubai airport, officially reopened. Due to the pandemic, the location was closed for over a year and a half.

The Bottega Prosecco Bar, located in Terminal 3 (Gate A) of Dubai International (DXB), is a reality with its own well-defined identity among the gastronomic offers of the busiest international airport in the world. The Emirate airport is in fact a strategic hub and represents the fulcrum of air connections between Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

Dubai Prosecco Bar


Sandro Bottega, president of Bottega S.p.A. declares: “We are particularly satisfied with this reopening, which testifies to our ability to readjust to the new specificities imposed by the pandemic. Prosecco Bar has materialized in the past and will continue to be a food and wine experience to treat yourself during your trip.

A safe haven in which to linger, based on the time available, for a refreshing break. The structure correctly reflects our values ​​and aims to strengthen Italy’s reputation in the oenological and gastronomic fields. “Bottega adds:” In these months of forced inactivity we have tried to make the structure increasingly sustainable. We have also expanded the range of natural products to gluten-free pasta and alcohol-free sparkling wines, which will be available shortly. Finally, in the same location customers buy the book “The 100 Prosecco Recipes”.

Dubai Prosecco Bar


The “Prosecco Bar” is a concept conceived by Bottega with the aim of enhancing the excellence of Italian country and gratifying the palate of the typical consumer. Specifically, the philosophy of the Venetian bacaro is re-proposed, that is of an informal tavern, where the foods are presented as “cicheti”, or snacks to be consumed at the counter, and as more structured dishes to be served at the tables.

The combination with Prosecco, privileged for its versatility, and with other Italian wines closes the circle and helps to make every moment, short or long, spent in a bacaro, a pleasant experience which enriches the spirit and refreshes the soul. Bottega Prosecco Bar is therefore an evolution of this philosophy, which extrapolated from the Venetian reality, can be reproduced all over the world.

Finally, the Prosecco Bar in Dubai will offer customers the opportunity to purchase Sandro Bottega’s book “The 100 Prosecco Recipes ” in the same location, to try traditional recipes at home as well.