Tuft & Needle Bedding onboard with Jet Blue

Tuft & Needle Bedding onboard Jet Blue

Tuft & Needle have teamed up with Jet Blue to create a new line of bedding for their relaunched Mint Business Class offerings. Tuft & Needle are an American mattress and bedding brand, founded in 2012 who specialise in high quality products, manufactured using well sourced materials made in the USA.  

For Jet Blue, Tuft & Needle have created a pillow and a blanket set that ever passenger will receive. The pillow is over-sized and wrapped in a layer of memory foam, making it suitable for any preferred comfort level. The blanket is designed to remind passengers of home comforts, and is over-sized for added comfort regardless of passenger size. It has also been designed with comfort onboard in mind. It can be folded at the bottom to create a warm foot pocket, and it can also be snapped together and worn as a shawl whilst watching TV or sitting in an upright position in a plane seat. 

The final piece of the puzzle is the Snooze kit, which passengers can request whilst onboard, and contains and eyemask, earplugs and a toothbrush – the essentials someone might need to feel restful whilst onboard.