Turkish Airlines provide new Hygiene Kits


Turkish Airlines in collaboration with STL Teknoloji Ltd has implemented the hygiene kit application to protect the travel health of its guests. Within the scope of “safe travel standards” prepared on the basis of scientific data, Turkish Airlines has started to give “Hygiene Kit”.

Guests are given a hygiene kit including a mask, antiseptic wipe and hand disinfectant. Kits in domestic and short haul flights include mask and antiseptic wipes, while kits in medium and long haul flights include additional hand disinfectant. “Hygiene Specialist” cabin crews take part in the presentation of hygiene kits and the correct implementation of the necessary measures during the flight.

Turkish Airlines has carefully designed the products in the hygiene kit to create a safe travel environment for its passengers. Hygiene kits prepared on the basis of scientific data and meets all clinical reports. Some features and technical specifications of the mask, hand disinfectant and antiseptic wipe products included in the hygiene kit are detailed below.

Each item in the kit are individually packed due to “Additional Protective Packaging” to maintain the hygiene chain. The kits include a mask of three layers of protective material, Antiseptic Wipes which are at least 70% ethyl alcohol based and contains skin softening agents and Hand Disinfectant