Virgin Atlantic partner with beauty brand ‘de Mamiel’


Customers flying with Virgin Atlantic can now enjoy a range of jetlag busting aromatherapies and relaxation techniques to help them fall asleep, and wake up more refreshed and acclimatised to their new time zone.

Virgin Atlantic has partnered with high end British beauty brands ‘de Mamiel’ and ‘This Works’ to introduce a unique two step aromatherapy kit to their Upper Class cabin, and was the first airline to introduce ‘Headspace’ on board – a series of mindfulness videos to help customers feel happier and healthier when flying.

All customers travelling in Upper Class will now be provided with a hot towel infused with oils and created exclusively for Virgin Atlantic by de Mamiel.  The blend of oils will vary on day and night flights to ensure customers feel a calming sense of wellbeing at the start of their flight, and revived and ready for their adventures upon landing.

Day flights will feature ‘’Enliven’  a blend of bergamot, sweet orange and yang ylang III to help customers feel refreshed and relaxed

Night flights will feature ‘High Altitude’ a blend of fragonia, eucalyptus and lavender to help boost immunity, cleanse and help customers drift off


  • Overnight flight travellers will also be provided with a deep sleep pillow spray from This Works, clinically proven to improve sleep quality and aid a better, more restful night’s sleep.
  • The new aromatherapies are complimented by a range of on board mindfulness films designed by the popular app ‘Headspace.’ The set of 13 films – available on the inflight entertainment – provide techniques to help customers sleep effectively on a plane – whether they are sitting up or lying down. The inflight videos also help customers switch off from work or focus their mind ahead of an important business meeting.

Jill Brady, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, at Virgin Atlantic told Amenities  “We are always looking for ways to make flying an even more fabulous experience, and now customers travelling in Upper Class can benefit from our unique blend of on-board aromatherapies.  We partnered with leading British beauty brands ‘de mamiel’ and ‘This Works’ to provide a two-step aromatherapy kit on board all Upper Class flights to help customers overcome jetlag and enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep on board.

“The new aromatherapy kits are complimented by our range of on board mindfulness videos to provide relaxation techniques across all cabins. The addition of these unique products is yet another way that Virgin Atlantic is ensuring our customers enjoy the best sleep in the sky.”