WESSCO Unlocks The Secret to Luxury Sleep Onboard…Octaspring®!


Vanema partners with airline bedding specialist Wessco International to reinvent the in-flight luxury sleep experience 

This dream team share a wealth of experience in their specific fields, making them an unstoppable duo for this sector of the amenity industry. Renowned for their portfolio of work with bedding brands, WESSCO has constantly delivered in this particular area of onboard offerings; American Airlines and Etihad Airways are just a few examples of this.

However, what sets this new partnership apart is the unique patented technology Vanema’s brand provides. It makes sense, that as the exclusive developer of Octaspring® technology for the aerospace industry, Vanema would expand its product portfolio to transform the passenger sleep experience and are ambitious to do so alongside WESSCO. So much so, that those at the APEX EXPO in Los Angeles from September 10-12 will be able to see the new collection, designed with the company’s patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology, at WESSCO International’s booth.

Not only does this collaboration answer airlines’ prayers for onboard comfort, but with Vanema’s innovative foam structure it can contribute to airline sustainability. Octaspring® cushions are 50% lighter than comparable products, drastically cutting the amount of material needed for manufacturing and also recyclable, making this revolutionary technology an environmentally friendly solution to aviation’s comfort challenges.

Wessco’s in-depth knowledge of the industry’s challenges and limitations was instrumental in perfecting Vanema’s in-flight sleep solutions. “Space and weight are two big challenges, which compound to restrict passenger comfort. We had to rethink how we adapt our patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology to deliver a high-comfort product that still fits within the limited storage space of an aircraft,” said Boris Ribicic, Vanema’s R&D director.

“This task challenged us to reimagine Octaspring® Aerospace Technology to create a new form of comfort,” continued Ribicic. The new OCTACELLTM diamond cell grid, composed of hundreds of diamond shaped foam cells, showcases the hallmarks of Octaspring technology – even weight distribution, improved support, and increased air circulation – all of which will allow passengers to enjoy their flight in optimal comfort.’