Why Not? It’s Green & It’s Clean!


Creators of ‘flyingbambu’ tell us why disposability and sustainability are essential for onboard dental care!

Dr Pedram Dehdari, a life science consultant, and Dr Dariush Taghavi, a dental specialist, are the creators of the ‘Flyingbambu’ biodegradable toothbrush. A unique product that provides a solution to two problems for onboard and daily dental care. Sustainability and disposability!

Dental hygiene is a part of everyone’s daily routine, whether it’s before or after breakfast, at least twice a day, after every meal or even in the shower. Although a mundane part of your routine it’s a top priority for those desirable Hollywood pearly whites! Onboard, having a quick freshen up before touch down, especially for those frequent business flyers, is just as important.

It’s surprising then, that we are blissfully ignorant of the real impact dental hygiene can play on the build-up of bacteria and germs in our mouths and therefore our all important health! Dr Dariush Taghavi, is keen to highlight why oral hygiene is so important along with the absolute necessity for disposable dental care.

He states “bacteria feeds particularly well on toothbrushes. In the oral cavity, there is a lot of activity…staphylococci, pseudomonas, even intestinal bacteria. Researchers have found up to 500 different bacteria in the human mouth, many of which only reach the mouth via our toothbrush!” He continues, “the small Nylon brushes, are in fact the perfect breeding grounds for germs.” Dr Dariush Taghavi’s words may have us changing it up for a more disposable alternative both onboard AND at home. He suggests that “your toothbrush onboard an aircraft should be disposable and the use of a large container for the toothbrush is recommended, in order to provide enough fresh air (oxygen) to avoid bacteria breeding.”

Airlines provide disposable dental kits already, however, with sustainability a key issue and a top priority for global industries, what solutions are airlines providing for disposable yet sustainable dental kits? As Dr Pedram Dehdari, points out, “The procedure onboard is always of the same means of going to the washroom, with your dental kit, opening a plastic sachet, taking out the plastic brush, removing plastic foil and the plastic cap of the toothpaste making a hole in the toothpaste tube and trying to get a good amount onto the plastic bristle!

Imagine how much waste and the extent of the carbon footprint you have made all for a 2 min teeth clean!” Dr Dariush Taghavi promotes, “Flyingbambu wet&clean biodegradable toothbrushes are the perfect solution for such a journey as they are pre-coated with toothpaste and also reinforced with antibacteria.” With the toothpaste already infused into the brush bristles, there is no need for all the extra products that accompany the ‘normal’ dental kit.

Dr Pedram Dehdari is keen to stress that, “The team of Flyingbambu didn’t only develop the wet&clean 100% biodegradable toothbrush to save plastic waste and protect the environment but they also want to deliver something smart and comfortable to give passengers a balance of a green and clean feeling promoting good oral hygiene.” Finding a solution that can be both disposable and sustainable is a big challenge for the airlines but our experts have created a product which could not only become the norm onboard but also in our everyday dental routine. Why not, it’s green and it’s clean!