Plane Talking Products, Launches Innovative End to End Solution


British company, Plane Talking Products Limited, launches innovative end to end solution to help create the confidence for passengers to fly again

Plane Talking Products, based in Hampshire is launching a unique ”viroblocked” ecosystem that will help airlines make a clear and distinctive offer to travellers based on a coronavirus-compliant management system which touches every point of the passengers’ journey, so giving travellers the confidence to fly. Plane Talking Products have signed a worldwide exclusive deal with HeiQ for HeiQ Viroblock in the aviation sector. Swiss-developed HeiQ Viroblock is 99.99% effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19)*. 

HeiQ Viroblock is a protective invisible antimicrobial layer that provides a continuous, long lasting self-sanitizing effect to any surface or product.

“Many airlines are struggling to convince the public that it’s safe to fly again,” says Alison Wells, co-founder and director of Plane Talking Products, the company launching the HeiQ Viroblock ecosystem for global aviation. “We want to help change that. This breakthrough Swiss technology means airlines can provide the reassurances that passengers want, and travellers can have confidence in resuming air travel. It’s an industry game-changer, and we are the only company in this sector to offer the HeiQ Viroblock end to end ecosystem. Common cabin items like blankets, pillows and headrest covers can all be infused with HeiQ Viroblock, offering protection for the life of most onboard products.”

Microbes, including bacteria and viruses can persist on textile surfaces for days, weeks or even months, HeiQ Viroblock technology is proven to destroy enveloped viruses including coronaviruses and bacteria in minutes. It can be applied to any surface. Unlike other products, HeiQ Viroblock is active and remains effective thereby preventing contamination of treated surfaces.

“Plane Talking, along with our partners MSCS (The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland), is working alongside the airline industry to help it to protect passengers and airline employees, at every stage of their journey: from check-in, lounge and boarding through the onboard environment and cabin furnishings to cabin cleaning” says John Caulcutt, co-founder and director.

Fly with confidence – ‘Swiss Tech Inside’

In August 2020, shares in leading airlines including American Airlines, Delta and United jumped significantly when the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of a hard surface disinfectant coating for aircraft cabins.

Alison Wells continues, “We are delighted to be offering HeiQ Viroblock at a time when an IATA passenger survey reports that over 50% of people surveyed are avoiding air travel due to concerns around catching COVID-19 and other viruses inflight. This is not a traditional ‘cleaning’ issue anymore. In a travel world that is being reshaped by COVID-19, it’s about reassuring your passengers about the incredible steps you are taking to protect them, and being able to follow through on your commitment to consumers with leading-edge viroblocking technology.”