2021 Hygiene Category Winners




Utair / AK Service – Platinum

Judges Comments: A passenger Hygiene kit, that goes above and beyond the bare essentials consisting of all the fundamentals plus gloves and a bottle of hand sanitizer to reassure passengers presented in a biodegradable paper envelope. The Utiar branded reusable cotton mask with two reusable filters is well designed and passengers will surely keep and reuse long after the flight. 


Turkish Airlines / STL Segment Travel Luggages – Awarded Gold

Judges Comments: This neat range of Hygiene Kit has been designed to meet the specific needs of the passenger dependant on the length of the flight. All contain a good size hand sanitizer, good quality three-layer disposal mask with pull out flat ear straps that ensure a good fit and are comfortable to wear along with an antiseptic wipe. Passengers will find a disposal bag in the seat back pocket to place packaging and products after use. These kits have been well thought out and the products included help to create a safe travel environment for guest. 


Saudia Airlines – Awarded Gold

Judges Comments: A nice touch to present passengers with a well branded sealed gift paper bag and unlike other airlines Saudi provides guests with brands that are recognizable and provide reassurance as they are seen as best in brand re wellness. Each kit contains a pack of 10 Dettol anti-bacterial wipes, bottle of sanitizer gel, pack of pocket tissues and a couple of disposable masks. Great size products that may be taken off and used after the flight reducing waste. 


COPA Airlines / WESSCO International – Awarded Silver

Judges Comments: It offers passengers the bare essentials, a disposable mask and cleansing wipes by TravelShield™ that could be used on surfaces and hands, plus gloves. The kit was judged to come up short in not providing a hand sanitizer. 


Air France / Albéa Travel Designer – Awarded Silver

Judges Comments: A neatly designed product by Air France and aptly branded, this kits contents provides the key essentials to reassure passengers packed into an FSC paper envelope. Notably all the elements were sourced and assembled locally in Europe speeding up delivery times and limiting the carbon footprint. A simple but stylish offering that we have come to expect from Air France and Albea.


Corsair / Bayart Innovations – Awarded Silver

Judges Comments: Presented in a re sealable foil bag this kit contains a disposable mask together with instructions on how to correctly dispose of it once used together with a large 30ml bottle of hand sanitizer which passengers would take with them on leaving the flight.


Virgin Atlantic / Linstol – Awarded Silver

Judges Comments: One of the few kits to include sealable throw away bags for items once used, giving peace of mind to passengers. It also included a couple of standard disposable mask with instructions on how to wear them together with two sachets of sanitizing gel and disinfectant wipes.


American Airlines / WESSCO International – Awarded Bronze

Judges Comments: Whilst the elements provided by American Airlines would be used by travellers it fell short of being a kit. A stylish branded pouch contained a TravelShield™ disposable face mask and a couple of wet wipes.



United Airlines / WESSCO International – Awarded Platinum

Judges Comments: A fantastic branded three-layer cotton TravelShield™ facemask available in two sizes and claims to have a life span of around a month. United Airlines frontline staff have been provided with a comfortable high-quality face covering. 


American Airlines / WESSCO International – Awarded Bronze

Judges Comments: This standard 3 ply mask does the job, nice touch by the airline to brand it. 



United Airlines / Linstol – Awarded Platinum

Judges Comments: A well thought out Children’s kit combining both the essential hygiene products with activity items to keep little ones entertained and presented in a recyclable paper bag. This is a great example of how items can be combined to provide a fun and safe kit