Air India Place Another Big Order With Khadi Commission

Khadi Amenity Products

Having previously provided Air India with their natural and eco friendly products in 2015 for a sum of Rs 1.21 Crores for 25,000 units of amenities, Khadi & Village Industry Commission moves forward with the airline looking to supply a substantial sum of 1,85,000 units of amenity kits worth Rs 8 Crores.

Air India’s first order with Khadi Commission was put together in the short space of forty days and consisted of amenity kits for both First Class and Business Class international travellers and included Khadi hand sanitiser, moisturiser lotion, lemongrass, handmade soap, lip balm, rose face wash, essential oils and other travel essentials.

The new order for Kahdi will be a great boost to the workers of Kahdi Commission set to generate more than 4,40,000 man hours with 1,85,000  kits being delivered to Air India in only four months time. 6000 of these kits will be for First Class passengers and 1,79,000 for Business Class passengers.

Khadi Amenity Products
Khadi Amenity Products

The partnership between Air India and Khadi looks set to be a fruitful one, as not only does it help Air India meet their spec when it comes to being eco-friendly, but Khadi Commission are gaining the support they need to fulfil their objectives of providing employment and creating self-reliance amongst the poor and the building up of a strong rural community.

“Following the appeal made by the Prime Minister Narenda Modi, through ‘Man Ki Baat’ for purchasing at least one product of Khadi and support the rural artisans, there have been a tremendous encouraging response in sale of Khadi and more and more people are purchasing Khadi especially the youths and teenagers,” said V.K. Saxon, Chairman KVIC