American Airlines Launch New Luxury Kits


American Airlines has just launched a new luxury range of amenity kits, featuring partnerships with leading up-and-coming lifestyle and cosmetic brands. Created in collaboration with WESSCO International the kits are designed with the needs of first, business class and premium economy passengers in mind, and were launched in February 2019.

The kits were designed in collaboration with This is Ground, Athletic Propulsion Labs and STATE Bags and feature products from Allies of Skin, Zenology and Baxter of California. Within these brands, the colour variations and designs vary across the cabin classes, with This is Ground, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Allies of Skin and Zenology products featuring in the first and business offerings, and STATE Bags and Baxter of California in their International Premium Economy cabins. There are a number of colour rotations to keep the bags fresh and exciting for passengers, regardless of how often they travel. However, all of the kits contain the essential expected items desired by customers during long haul travel.

“American is always exploring ways to innovate and make our customers’ travel experience more relaxing and enjoyable, especially on long-haul flights.” said Janelle Anderson, Vice President of Global Marketing for American. “The changes we’ve made to this year’s amenity kits were driven by our customers’ feedback about what they desire and value while traveling. Our goal is to curate an elevated and restful travel journey, and our new amenity kits are an exciting piece of the onboard and our overall brand experience. We’re thrilled to partner with these brands and our customers a fresh, modern collection of premium infight products.”