Buzz to Reimagine Sleep with Acquisition of Recliner



Global travel amenities company Buzz has acquired leading sleepwear
brand RECLINER as part of the company’s vision to be at the forefront of elevating the travel experience.

This strategic partnership aims to strengthen Buzz’s position as a leader in an evolving travel sector by further expanding its global product portfolio with a renewed focus on wellness. This acquisition has been spearheaded by Buzz’s visionary founder, Leonard Hamersfeld, whose passion for innovation and creativity have been a driving force in the company since its inception.

“The acquisition of RECLINER is an important moment for Buzz,” said Leonard Hamersfeld, Founder and Creative Director of the company. “With our shared vision for transforming wellness and sleepwear products, we are ready to redefine the travel industry by creating unparalleled experiences for both our clients and their guests.”

RECLINER have established themselves as leaders in the sleepwear industry. Rebecca Smith Founder, and CEO of RECLINER, has been instrumental in transforming the sector with functional designs, sustainable materials and a mindset driven by “a chance to do better”.  The brand’s unconventional prints and original fabrics have resonated with a global audience and garnered industry recognition since launching in 2015.

As part of the acquisition, Rebecca Smith will take on a strategic role to develop new products in the wellness category for RECLINER and Buzz. “I’m excited to be a part of this new chapter with Buzz. I’ve long admired Buzz’s energy, innovation, and collaborative spirit” said Rebecca Smith, having collaborated with Buzz for an exclusive RECLINER range for travel partner, American Airlines in 2022.  “The timing is perfect to come together and reimagine what RECLINER can be at scale.”

“Creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We create incredible collaborations with the world’s best brands across the travel industry. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision to design holistic wellness travel experiences in a conscious and considered way”, said Leonard Hamersfeld.

The partnership will pave the way for a collection of sleep and wellness products curated for the travel market and a strategic step towards reaffirming Buzz’s commitment to enhancing the global travel industry.